We are a company that is constantly evolving and conceptualizing what is needed in the world of concerts, festivals and events at the level of structures.


With our own technical department, we reach all the requirements that are needed today, both at the level of calculations, as well as certificates and activity licenses.


PowerBand offers a close service and assumes and works on each project as unique, designing according to the specific needs of each proposal and providing the client with the technical direction, support and advice throughout the process and the necessary services for its proper operation of the project.


We are reliable, secure and committed to our work.


Our motivation: the constant innovation of our products.


20 years in the sector endorse our trajectory.


Since the past April 17th, PowerBand belongs to our events department in Homs Rentals, a Rental Global Company and paid per use of tools, machinery, structures and industrial equipment.


Welcome to Power Band by Homs Rentals